Weighing Machines

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PBA Equipment Weighing Machines are designed for integration into all types of industrial weighing applications as a crucial part of stock control and loss prevention.

The interior of the scales are smooth with vertical surfaces and no recesses or cavities to allow product accumulation with full-width bomb doors to ensure complete product discharge from the weigh hopper.

The load-cell based weighing system is linked to an electronic microprocessor-based controller that monitors the amount of product passing through the scale and presents a running total. The controller can be fitted with a printer output for continuous hard copy of production, or with a serial communications port for remote monitoring by PLC.

We manufacture a wide range of standard weighers ranging from 5 litre to 2000 litre capacity.

Features & Options
  • A stand-alone base-mounted weigher with bomb door discharge system.
  • Proven load-cell / flexure based weighing system.
  • Quiet, efficient, fast and low maintenance
  • F series designed for the food industry’s hygienic requirement.
  • M series designed for heavy duty applications in the mining industry.
  • We offer a variety of feeding devices as bolt-on additions to all our weighers.
  • Discharge devices and feeders offered as bolt-on additions to all our weighers.
  • Removable covers for maintenance purposes and aspiration cowls.
  • Duplex or multiple units for high speed packing.

To download the Weighing Machines Brochure, click here