Weigh Belt Conveyors

WBC-1 | WBC-5 | WBC-10 | WBC-15 | WBC-20

PBA Equipment manufactures a series of flat belt Weigh Belt Conveyors for a number of applications including a basic weigh belt conveyor with locally mounted weight transmitter / indicator. Our WBC conveyor series is designed to run within a specific feed range measured by the on board controller.

Our controller can provide; flow rate adjustment, current live flow rate, resettable totals, non-resettable totals, speed control and process interlocks where necessary. Units are sized from 1 ton per hour to 50 tons per hour. Higher tonnages are offered with our troughing idler weigh units.

We offer flexure stabilized enclosed weight bed with single point load cells or 4 point full load systems. Our weigh belt conveyors are fully enclosed with access hatches for servicing, cleaning and calibration purposes. 

We produce a range of standard length weigh belt units and also design to suit specific requirements. Drive systems include; internal drum motors, external geared motors, timing pulley drive units and chain drive assemblies.

Control system include PLC systems,  220 VAC controllers, 12 / 24 VDC shaft encoders, analogue and digital I/O and pneumatic orifice gate assemblies.

Features & Options
  • Standard WBC range or designed to suit clients requirements.
  • Weigh belt controllers or simplified weight indicators.
  • Self-aligning conveyor belts with product containment profiles.
  • Locally mounted or panel mount controllers / indicators.
  • Digital or analogue I/O. (Including ProfiBus DP)
  • Known weight calibration and belt weight compensation.
  • Flow rate adjustment, live current flow rate (kg or tons) and speed control.
  • Dead Range Adjustment, Auto Zero Adjustment and Dynamic Tare.
  • Dynamic Calibration Check & Recalibration.