Volumetric Feeders

P250-V | P300-V | P400-V | P540-V | VFS-VFG-VFD

The PBA Equipment Volumetric Feeder is a positive drive, belt conveyor system developed specifically for heavy duty operation in the mining industry.

The P250, P300, P400 and P540 Volumetric Feeders are designed to feed X-ray machines and DMS plants with Wet or Dry gravel.

We manufacture a range of Volumetric Feeders which feed single or multiple gravel grades. Volumetric systems include interlocked mode operation, integrated flood prevention gates, spillage protection, containment profiles, gravel guides, and wash down chutes.

The Feeders are supplied with a fully programmed motor control drive and an MCP panel which contain all the necessary switchgear for Interlocked Mode operation.

The Volumetric Mode process ensures that all gravel passing thought the feeder is contained, controlled and conveyed forward to the X-ray or DMS process, eliminating spillage.

We offer feed rates ranging from 1 kg/hr to 300 t/hr. Apart from our standard units we design purpose built volumetric feeders to suit all other applications  

Features & Options
  • Interlocked mode operation with Sinamics or Simovert drive.
  • Full enclosed and sealed casing.
  • Positive drive self-aligning belt tracking system.
  • Quick and efficient belt replacement.
  • Removable inlet chute for quick clean outs.
  • Full range of process and pneumatic instrumentation.
  • Several drive options available based on minimum and maximum feed rates.
  • Removable covers for maintenance purposes and aspiration cowls.
  • Operation with dry or wet gravel and a selection of wash-down arrangements.

To download the Volumetric Feeders Brochure, click here