Valve Bag Packers


The PBA Equipment range of Valve Bag Packers are low maintenance stand alone bagging units suitable for all types of valve bags with inner and outer valves.

Our valve packers are available in various arrangements including screw, auger, gravity, belt or turbine fed systems.

We offer ‘Weigh in bag” fillers or “Pre-weigh” fillers designed for all types of granules, powders, pellets, flakes, prills and meals.

Features & Options
  • A stand-alone floor mounted packer with spout clamp system.
  • A range of pre-weighers, loading hoppers and level sensors.
  • Screw fed, high speed auger fed, gravity fed, belt fed and turbine fed units.
  • Integrated vibrator for de-aeration and automatic bag ejecting system.
  • Removable covers for maintenance purposes and aspiration cowls.
  • Bag handling, bag forming, conveying systems and Palletisers.
  • Duplex units for high speed packing.

To download the Valve Bag Packers Brochure, click here