Trough Belt Conveyors


PBA Equipment manufactures a range of enclosed Trough Belt Conveyors for sensitive products and Open Idler Belt Conveyors for all other products.

Our closed Trough Belt Conveyors are of a bolted, sheet metal, modular design with quick access cover lids and aspiration connects.

Our trough idler conveyors are constructed from modular bolted angle frames and used to convey many different types of materials including: ᅡᅠcoal, slurries, grits, gravel, grains, sand, ice, and premixes and many other materials.

Drive pulleys for both types of conveyor are rubbers lagged and tail pulleys are either slatted or solid depending on the application. These units are individually designed to meet product and customer specifications.

Features & Options
  • V or U shaped troughs to suit the product and application.
  • Supplied in bolted lengths from 3 to 300 meters.
  • Direct, coupling or chain drive arrangements.
  • Options for central drive where head areas are difficult to mount motors.ᅡᅠ
  • Enclosed units supplied with slider back belting assisted with support idlers.
  • Adjustable in-feed orifice gates fitted to regulate feed from bins.
  • Articulated scrapers or V-ploughs, impact plates with replaceable liners.
  • Standard low friction sealed troughing idlers and idler frames used.
  • Take-ups can be screw or gravity type and are positioned to suit the installation.
  • Manufactured in mild steel, stainless steel or 3CR12.