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PBA Equipment manufactures a range of High Capacity Sifters for most grains, feed pellets, plastic and nylon pellets, oil cake, dry powders and other granular materials.

Our sifter comprises of a sturdy, self-supporting base frame and fully enclosed sifter casing fastened to anti-vibration mountings.

We offer a number of variations including; single, double or triple deck screens and side or rear mounted vibrator motors.

We manufacture both light weight and medium duty sifters ranging from 1 - 50 cubic meters per hour and offer purpose built units for special materials in all grades of mild steel, stainless steel or 3CR12.

Our sifters are fitted with adjustable inlet product flow directors, quick release screen clamps, a range of perforated plate or wire mesh screens, access covers and discharge chutes.

Features & Options
  • Options for 1, 2 or 3 screens.
  • Options for side or rear drive mountings.
  • Inlet and outlet product diverters and spout work.
  • Lump breakers for over size materials.
  • Plate magnets for the extraction of magnetic materials.
  • A wide range of screening media and materials for various applications.
  • Removable doors and covers for quick maintenance.
  • Inspection hatches and dust extraction points.
  • Manufactured in all grades of steel and stainless steel.
  • A full range of materials handling feeders and conveyors.