Screw Conveyors

MHSC-100 | MHSC-150 | MHSC-200 | MHSC-250 | MHSC-300 | MHSC-350 | MHSC-400

The PBA Equipment range of Trough Screw Conveyors are suitable for handling grains, grits, meals, granules, gravel and special materials from 1 kg per hour to 200 tons per hour.
We offer light duty conveyor flights and casings for powder type materials and increase the flight and casing thickness as the material composition changes.

Our units are designed to perform under heavy workload conditions with minimum maintenance and are suitable for horizontal, decline or inclined applications. We offer a series of standard conveyors as well as specially designed units such as regulator feeder sections, variable pitch, blending, mixing, breaking units manufactured to handle difficult products and specialised materials of construction.

Features & Options
  • Options for direct drive, coupling or chain drive arrangements.
  • Standard motor, inverter drive and servo drive units.
  • Hanger bearings for extended screws.
  • Hard wearing flighting and hard facing and liners.
  • Spiral flights, notched flights and breaker flights.
  • Reversible conveyors with dual outlets.
  • Weather covers for external use.
  • Product regulators, spouts and supports.

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