Screw Augers

MMHA-100 | MHA-150 | MHA-200 | MHAF-250 | MHA-300 | MHA-H | MHA-X

The PBA Equipment range of Screw Augers are designed primarily for elevating materials from the outlets of bins, bunkers, hoppers and silos to a height where it can be discharged into next process.

Our light weight MHA Augers are designed to handle grains, grits, fibrous, meals, powders and granules materials.

MHA-H heavy duty augers are designed to handle cements, lime and other abrasive materials.

Our MHA-X extra heavy duty augers are designed to handle coal. Feed rates range from 1 kg per hour to 50 tons per hour.

Our units are designed to perform under heavy workload conditions with minimum maintenance and are suitable for many varied applications from the food to mining industry. We offer a series of standard augers, purpose built and specialised materials of construction.

Features & Options
  • Options for direct drive, coupling or chain drive arrangements.
  • Shear pin hub assemblies and clean out cavities.
  • Heavy duty casings with lifting and rigging cleats.
  • Standard motor, inverter drive and servo drive units.
  • Hard wearing flighting, hard facing and liners.
  • Constructed in various grades of steel.
  • Transfer conveyors and reciprocating spouts.
  • Product regulators, spouts, hoppers, bins and supports.