Rotary Valves

RV-4 | RV-6 | RV-8 | RV-10 | RV-12

PBA Equipment manufactures non-standard Rotary Valves in mild steel, 3CR12, stainless steel and various grades of hard wearing steel. Our rotary valves are used as metering devices on bins, hoppers, spouts, above coolers and below pellet presses.

Rotary feeders are also used in places where screw feeders are difficult to install and can be used to feed conveyors, augers and bucket elevators. Our units are flanged for remove the feeder blade assembly without removing the casing. 

We offer sealed or non-sealed, angled inlets and outlets, dynamically balanced, hard wearing, adjustable and replaceable blades types. Drive units include direct drive, couplings and chain drives assemblies. For lumpy products we manufacture a retrofitted breaker bar system or crescent blade breakers to keep the product flowing.

We offer a standard range of feeder and also manufacture to suit our clients specifications. Feed rates range from 50 kg / hr to 80 tons per hour and vary according to product characteristics.

Features & Options
  • Retrofitted to all types of processing equipment.
  • Manufactured to suit clients requirements.
  • Feeders to suit process scales, bins, hoppers and spouts.
  • Sealed, non-sealed and dynamically balanced.
  • Maintenance friendly with easy access to blade assembly.
  • Breaker bars and crescent blade lump breakers
  • Direct drive, coupling or chain drive assemblies.
  • Mild steel, 3CR12, stainless steel and combination of hard wearing steels.