Reverse Spiral Mixers

MHM-200 - 6000 | RS / PD / S / D / DL

The PBA Equipmentversatile range of horizontal reverseSpiral Mixers or Paddle Deflector Mixers are designed for batch mixing of animal feeds, various powders, concentrates and certain chemical applications.

We offer the RS reverse spiral and PD paddle deflector type mixers depending on the product or specific application to achieve the optimum mixing efficiency.

Discharge systems included manual or pneumatic slide gates, single or double Over-Lock Bomb Door arrangements and additional door seal clamping mechanism.

Our standard mixers range from 200 L – 6000 L swept volume and incorporates air balance systems, vents, maintenance hatches and laminated glass inspection windows.

We offer a range of geared motors and couplings as well as sprocket assemblies. Our mixers can be manufactured in all grades of steel or stainless steel and to client specifications if required.

Features & Options
  • Standard construction or purpose built to client’s requirement.
  • Highly efficient mixing action with reverse spiral or paddle deflector.
  • Slide gates, bomb door assemblies and seal clamping mechanisms.
  • Automated PLC based control system.
  • Automated premix and batching systems.
  • A range of materials handling systems to feed and transfer product.
  • A range of packaging machines to bag off product and palletisers.
  • Pneumatic electric or hydraulic discharge system.
  • Air balance systems and external vent connections.
  • Service repairs and spares.
  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa.

To download the Reverse Spiral Mixers Brochure, click here