Product Samplers

PS-P | PS-E | PS-M

PBA Equipment manufactures 3 types of dry Product Samplers for in-line sampling of production products. We offer forward / reverse plunger, vertical drop and rotary sweep type.

samplers can be retrofitted to all types of machinery, process scales, intake systems, pipe work, bins, hoppers, screw feeders, conveyors, bucket elevators, lump breakers and other equipment in general. Units are either pneumatically or electrically operated via a 24/220 VDC/VAC signal or manually activated via pneumatic switch.

We manufacture samplers in 304 or 316 stainless steel, complete with sample tube, bag holder or glass beaker. Quick release couplings enable fast and effective cleaning and servicing to promote hygiene and prolong operating life. We offer a standard range of sampler and also manufacture to suit our clients specifications.

Features & Options
  • Retrofitted to any type of processing equipment.
  • Forward / reverse plunger type for scales, bins, hoppers and spouts.
  • Vertical drop type for conveyors, augers and feeders.
  • Rotary sweep type for bucket elevators, mixers and rotary valves.
  • Simple 24VDC / 220VAC control and manual activation.
  • Hygienic, quick cleaning and maintenance friendly.