Process And Packer Scales

PL-10 | PL-20 | PL-50 | PL-100 | PL-150
The PL range of process and packer scales are designed for quiet, fast and efficient operation.

These Micro Processor controlled, compact weigher units are suitable for all types of process and bagging systems and can be supplied as Duplex Packer units for high speed bagging operations.

The PL weigher system has been refined over
4 decades to deliver tried and tested years of trouble free service. We provide a comprehensive range of standard units and design specialised systems for most industrial applications.

Options include
  • A stand-alone floor or frame mounted high speed weigher.
  • Proven Control System with twin, triplex or quad load-cell arrangements.
  • An improved flexure stabilisation system for continuous accuracy.
  • Hinged lockable doors for servicing and maintenance.
  • Replaceable wear plates and complete range of spares
  • A range of loading, discharge hoppers and level sensors.
  • Service and maintenance agreements.

To download the Process and Packer Scales Brochure, click here