Pallet Dispensers


The PBA Equipment range of Pallet Dispenser is an integral component to any automated bag handling system.

The pallet dispenser is loaded with pallets and dispenses one at a time as required by the plant or process.

We offer a number of configurations from 10 – 100 kg bagging operations and 200 – 2000 kg FIBC or big bag filling installations.

Our DP-HF unit offers an automated in-line pallet magazine with static forward / reverse conveyor and hydraulic pallet fork lifting device.

The DP-MF offers the same system with motorised pallet fork lifting device.

Our DP-MC conveyor comprises of a motorised roller conveyor with forward and reverse motion control to stack and feed pallets to the pallet lifting device while our DP-AF unit comprises of a short centre conveyor with forward reverse pallet forks for tight installations.

The DP range is designed for heavy duty operation and low maintenance, suitable for all types of fork truck pallets.

Features & Options
  • Automated, stand-alone, pallet dispensing unit.
  • Adjustable guides and lifting fork positions.
  • On board PLC control complete with sensor protection system. 
  • Hydraulic or motorised pallet selection fork system.
  • In-line add-on to most types of bagging operations.
  • Reciprocating motorised conveyor system for standard installations. 
  • Reciprocating motorised pallet fork system for tight installations. 
  • Duplex units for high speed pallet dispensing.
  • Bag handling, bag forming, conveying systems and palletisers.