Open Mouth Bag Packers


The PBA Equipment series of sturdy self-supporting low headroom Open Mouth Bagging machines are designed to perform under continuous workload conditions and are suitable for wide-ranging applications from mining to food packaging.  

We offer our standard ‘Weigh in Bag’ and ‘Pre-weigh’ packers or purpose built units.

The PX series packer accurately weighs product in the bag utilising a number of feeding device variations tailored to product type and specific characteristics.

Features & Options
  • A stand-alone floor mounted packer with bag clamping system. 
  • Proven weighing system with twin or triplex load-cell arrangements.
  • Manufactured in mild steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Gravity, belt, screw and impeller feeding devices.
  • A range of loading hoppers and level sensors.
  • Removable covers for maintenance purposes and aspiration hoods.
  • Duplex units for high speed packing.
  • Bag sealers, stitches, formers, conveying systems and palletisers

To download the Open Mouth Bag Packers Brochure, click here