Micro Dosing Feeders

MDF 25 | MDF 50 | MDF 75 | MDF 100 | MXDF 125 | MXDF 150 | MXDF 175
The PBA Equipment range of MDF Micro Dosing Feeders are designed to meter out small amounts of regulated material in many varied process applications.

Our micro dosing feeders are used in pre-mix plants, feeds plant chemical additives and generally as in-line additive feeders.

MDF Micro Dosing Feeders are designed for all applications and in various grades of steel and stainless steel.

We offer a comprehensive range of standard Micro Feeder as well as purpose designed units with a full range of spout work, hoppers and bins to best suit the application.

Features & Options
  • A wide range of platforms scales, controllers and inverter drives.
  • Standard invert drive motor, IE2 motors and servo drive units.
  • Direct drive, coupling or chain-drive arrangements.
  • Interchangeable coreless screws in mild or stainless steel.
  • Single or dual solid shaft screws with mixing paddles.
  • Mechanical pins and shaft agitators.
  • Internal rotating agitator spirals.
  • Pneumatic discharge plug valves for fluidised materials.

To download the Micro Dosing Feeders Brochure, click here