Magnetic Seperators

MS900.1200 | MS900.1500 | MS900.1800 | MS900.2100 | MS900.2400
The innovative PBASE MS Magnetic Separator offers high efficiency operation through improved modern design techniques incorporating structural stability to produce a robust, low profile, compact stand-alone unit.

We manufacture a full range of standard units and can also design purpose build equipment to suit the client’s requirements.

The PBASE MS Magnetic Separator drum rotates against the pulp flow drawing the concentrated magnetic material towards the over dense material chute where it discharges with the assistance of an articulated self-locating scraper. Our other designs include concurrent and self-levelling units.

Features & Options
  • Strengthen casing for lifting and rigging incorporating supports.
  • Improved bearing seal arrangement.
  • Product flow control and dead area compensation.
  • Gas release vent for external service requirements.
  • Options for LM25 or Stainless steel end plates
  • Solid shaft geared motor with coupling drive for efficient maintenance.
  • Non-drive bearing can be replaced without removing drum.
  • Magnetic pole adjustment for fine tuning.
  • Header tank incorporating header feed pipe.
  • Options for header tank and full drum guarding

To download the Magnetic Seperators Brochure, click here