Lump Breakers

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PBA Equipment's Range of heavy duty Lump Breakers are designed to break down lumps commonly found in the feed, food and chemical handling process. Grains, powders, oil cakes and the like are subject to hygroscopic ingress of moisture or compaction causing clumping or binding of fibrous and powdery materials.

The MLB lump breaker is designed to breakdown lumps into an acceptable size fraction with minimal impact to the handling process. Ideal for installation prior to mixing or blending systems the MLB lump breakers are a valuable addition any to refining, handling, mixing or milling process. We manufacture a standard range of lump breaker and purpose build to specification.

Features & Options
  • Options for direct drive or coupling arrangements.
  • Screw fed, gravity fed, belt fed and turbine fed units.
  • Maintenance friendly and designed to operate continuously.
  • Removable covers for maintenance purposes and aspiration connections.
  • Various grades of steel, hardwearing plate and stainless steel.
  • Various sizing apertures and screen available.
  • Reversible blades and breakers bars.
  • Single or dual shaft mechanisms.
  • Rear earth magnet blade protectors.
  • Full service and spares offered.
  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa.

To download the Lump Breakers Brochure, click here