High Speed Bag Packers

2PV-G-VC | 2PV-F-VC | 2TC-A-VC | 2PC-T-VC
The PBA Equipment range of Duplex High Speed Bag Packers are designed to increase packing rates by installing 2 or more packers side by side.

Reliable, efficient and low maintenance these units are available in various configurations to suit the specific type of product handled.

Manufactured for continuous operation, duplex open mouth and valve bag packers are available as pre-weigh, loss in weight or nett weighing systems.

Options include
  • Semi or fully automated packing machines.
  • Dual or more base-mounted packers with spout clamp system.
  • A range of dual pre-weighers, loading hoppers and level sensors.
  • Dual screw, high speed auger and turbine feeder units.
  • Integrated vibration for de-aeration and aspiration cowls
  • Automatic bag ejecting and tipping systems.
  • Bag stitching and sealing systems.
  • Bag handling, bag forming, conveying systems and palletisers

To download the High Speed Bag Packers Brochure, click here