Drum Filling Systems

DM 25 | DM 50 | DM 90 | DM 125

The PBA Equipment range of electronic drum fillers are suitable for packing all kinds of powders and bulk solids into any kind of drums at high speed and with exceptional accuracy.

Our drum fillers are custom-made to each particular application. A feeding mechanism is supplied to provide a consistent flow of product from a storage bin into the weighing system.

Features & Options
  • Two speed feeding devices providing controlled fast and slow feed.
  • Load-cell based electronic weigher system.
  • Options for gross weighing, pre-weighing or loss in weight weighing.
  • Weighing controllers are designed for self-adjusting and self-optimising
  • Various communication options available.
  • Filled drum take-away conveyors with In-line check weighers.
  • Heat sealers for plastic inner liners and stitching machines for all liners.