Check Weigh System


PBA Equipment manufactures Check Weigh Systems for a number of applications, more specifically for our bagging operations as part of the in-line verification of filled items.

Our Check Weigh Systems can be installed in-line with most types of conveying systems or independently placed near the operation for random verification.

The in-line conveying systems can be configured to check weigh continuously without stopping the item or intermittently, stopping the item on the scale for a certain time for visual verification, before sending the item on.

Pillow block bags, boxes or others items may be laid horizontally or vertically as they travel over the weighing system with operations speeds of up to 1200 units/hr. We provide check weighing systems to handle most items including sacks, bags, drums, boxes, big bags or FIBC’s.

The check weigh system is controlled by a modular, compact, industrial controller that can be panel mounted and offers printer output, prints individual weights, batch records and outputs to activate a diverter for out of tolerance items.

Features & Options
  • A stand-alone floor mounted control system.
  • Controller can be panel mounted or integrated into a current control system.
  • Options included serial and analogue I/O.
  • Out of tolerance alarm output, control limit alarms.
  • Security code to protect calibration and control parameters.
  • Options for IP67 rated enclosures.
  • Connect form 1 to 4 load cells.
  • Options for ProfiBus-DP comms to PLC or computer.
  • A range of belt conveyor, motorised roller or gravity roller systems.
  • Integrated to a reject station to eject out of tolerance items.
  • Bag handling, bag forming, conveying systems and palletisers.