Chain Conveyors

MCCC-100 | MHCC-140 | MHCC-200 | MHCC-250 | MHCC-300 | MHCC-455

PBA Equipment MHCC series of horizontal and inclined bush Chain Conveyors  are multiple inlet and multiple outlet, quiet, efficient modular units designed to cope with continuous daily intake and transfer operations requiring  the least amount of maintenance and repairs. 

We prefer to reduce speed and increase casing carrying capacity which extends operational life and in some cases outlasts  our competitors design by years.

The casings are of a rigid, bolted construction and can be extended or reduced in length as needed. We have supplied, exported and installed chain conveyors extensively in feed, food and minerals plants across South Africa and abroad. Our MHCC chain conveyors are a tried and tested standard range of single deck or double deck chain conveyors. We also purpose build to client’s requirements for special processes.

Features & Options
  • Individually designed to suit each varied application.
  • Horizontal, inclined or combination. (Intake hopper and inclined discharge section)
  • Single or double deck option with intermediate and end outlets.
  • A range of chain and plate wheels manufactured in various grades of steel.
  • A range of hard wearing, replaceable, internal liners.
  • A range of slides, knife gates and product level regulators.
  • Manufactured in mild steel, stainless steel or 3CR12.