Bag Reject System

BR-P | BR-M | BR-H | BRM-G/M

The PBA Equipmentbelt or motorized rollerBag Reject System was developed as a means to remove out of tolerance filled bags, sacks, drums or boxes from the production line for top-up or re-working.

The reject system receives an out of tolerance signal from a check weigher which activates the reject diverter to remove the item.

The rejected item is sent to a holding magazine where it is checked and the weight adjusted or removed for re-working.

Should the magazine fill with rejected items, the unit will give a ‘magazine full’ output to stop the production line or call for an operator to intervene. The bag reject system can be designed to handle any type of bag, sack, boxes, drum or box.

Features & Options
  • Standard system or purpose built to client’s requirement.
  • Automated pneumatic reject system.
  • Automated electric or hydraulic reject system.
  • Can be installed into exiting conveying lines.
  • Options for a twin reject system (left and right)
  • Operates with most existing PLC systems.
  • Options for gravity or motorised reject magazine stations.
  • A range of belt conveyor, motorised roller or gravity roller systems.
  • Bag handling, bag forming, conveying systems and palletisers