Bag Clamping System


The PBA Equipment range of Bag Clamping Systems is designed to suit any type open mouth bag or valve bag filling arrangement.

Our units are designed to be low maintenance, bolt on, operator friendly systems.

We offer pneumatic and manual clamp systems for FIBC, packers and standalone sack off applications.

Over the years we have developed improvements to the bagging process such as air balance tubes; specialised strapping and profiled clamp bosses.

We manufacture a range of standard units and also offer purpose built units to suit special applications

Features & Options
  • Designed for all types of bags including FIBC (bulk bags), Open Mouth and Valve bags.
  • Outlets designs include round, oval and pecan shaped chutes best suited to the application.
  • Clamp mechanisms for Acceleration spouts.
  • Manufactured in all grades of steel and stainless steel.
  • Pneumatically operated units, manual over-lock sack strap and manual lever type.
  • Options Include bag Inflation, aspirated systems and a range of sensing devices.
  • Full range of weighing and packaging machines.