Automated FIBC Fillers

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Our range of load-cell based FIBC or Big Bag fillers are designed for various applications ranging from the bagging of food and feeds to the heavier mining and mineral products.

We cater for the filling of bags weighing from 200 to 2000 kilograms and all associated materials handling equipment to streamline the bagging process.

Our durable micro processor based 'Weigh in Bag' controllers are incorporated into purpose built control systems for semi or full automation

Features & Options
  • Proven micro processor based control system with quad load-cell arrangement.
  • Semi or fully automated FIBC inflation and aspiration system.
  • Semi or fully automated bag hoop clamping and release system.
  • Cater for multiple bag sizes with adjustable valve and hoop clamping system.
  • Sturdy FIBC support structure and access platforms.
  • Full range of feed devices including gravity, belt, screw and impeller feeders.
  • Heavy duty bag transfer and conveying systems.
  • Full range of interlocked roller or belt conveying systems.
  • Check weighers, pallet dispensers and bag indexing systems.
  • Product bins, loading hoppers and level sensors.

To download the Automated FIBC Brochure, click here